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Life is too short, not to love with a wide open heart.

Do you find yourself in a relationship that seems to repeat some unhealthy patterns over and over again and you feel stuck, exhausted and lost the hope to find the right way out?

Are you in a healthy relationship, but would like to bring your connection to the next level?

Or are you still looking for ’the one’?


Build an extraordinary, strong and loving connection.

A partnership that fulfills and nourishes you on every level, that makes you feel loved abundantly, where you feel seen and elevated.

After all it’s quite simple: A strong love relationship creates both happiness and  abundance. We believe that every person on this planet is worthy of an amazing, soulful and conscious love relationship, worthy of coming home in love.

We are here to help you.

If you are willing to truly show up and to dive deep to create the love relationship you want, we are the right fit for you.
We’re all about honesty, truth, vulnerability, consciousness and being present in whatever there is – no sugarcoating, no bullshitting.

We are Bas & Priska, a Dutch-Swiss couple living in the Netherlands with quite an unconventional love story. The bumpy road we had to walk to be together, taught us a lot about LOVE, FREEDOM and the inner TRUTH – which has strengthened our belief, that extraordinary relationships are vital for a happy and fulfilled life.

LOVE is what we burn for. And we are here to support you in bringing the beauty of it back into your life.

Private Coaching

Would you like to get personal support from us? Are you ready to attract your future partner or create soul-stirring Love within the relationship you already have?

Live Workshops

Are you ready to dive deep into the Art of Love? Then you should join us on one of our beautiful and sparkling workshops! We can’t wait to give you a hug in real-life.

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