After years of taking pictures, photographers often have collected a sufficient number of quality images that they would like to display to the public. An art show is the ultimate in personal satisfaction and affords your friends, relatives and the public an opportunity to own one or more of your images.

First, let’s concentrate on the product to be displayed. It is not enough to supply the gallery with raw photographs or digital art. They must be mounted, framed, matted and glassed if necessary in order to decorate a wall. A proper method of hanging must satisfy the needs of the gallery and some way of protecting the art work in transit must be provided.

If the size of the art piece has been carefully considered for maximum impact and the method of printing decided upon, the mounting and framing can go ahead. controlled digital lendingThe advent of 13″ x 19″ home printers using archival inks has opened up a new area to the amateur photographer. While the size is on the small side, a wide to medium mat border can bring up the display size to 16″x20″ to 24″x3o” for a decent display. Mats can be a single neutral color or outlined with a coordinating color with a double mat. Interesting mat textures can have an enhancing effect on the finished work and play an important part in decorating a home.

An appropriate frame is a big plus in making a good impression. Modern type art lends itself to simple, thin metal frames or no frame at all. Representative art needs a frame that echoes quality furniture. Recent advances in plastic and molding materials that simulate the classic real wood originals are now available at a small percentage of the cost. Because this material is more prone to bending, care must be taken to supply a safe way to hang the art work.

A search of the local venues for current art displays will supply you with a list of possible gallery locations. Show a sample of your work to the gallery owner along with a list of a number of ready art work with prices. Galleries for novice artists and photographers exist in Municipal Township buildings, the lobbies of hotels and spas, arboretums, hospitals and libraries. Be prompt in setting up and removing your display so that you will be welcome for a return in the future. It is customary for the house or non profit fund to take a commission off the top so be generous. I have already coordinated four gallery showings and hope to do more. It’s a great feeling to be appreciated.

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