Web writing has taken off in the past year as a way of making money online. According to the Wall Street Journal, fully half million American bloggers consider their blog to be their primary source of income. But Web writers are doing much more than simply blogging.

Web writers are writing Web content and ebooks, and are selling many different kinds of writing services online. However some Web writers are not satisfied with their income. This is because they don’t have any background in marketing their writing, so they think it’s too difficult, and don’t do it.

If you hate marketing, there are nevertheless ways that you can triple your Web writing income in three months.

Let’s look at how you can do that.

Here’s how:

1. Model Top Bloggers: Nothing Is Hidden on the Web

If you’re blogging, you may be wondering reddit essay writing service how some bloggers are making six figure incomes. Here’s your answer: check out their blogs.

Nothing is hidden on the Web. If you know that someone is making an incredible income, and you’d like to do the same, just model what they do. In a sense, you’re reverse engineering their success.

2. Build Your Social Network to Get Unadvertised Writing Jobs

The best Web writing jobs are unadvertised. They go to people who are already known as Web writers.

You can build your name online in many different ways. One of the easiest ways, if you hate marketing your Web writing, is by building your social network. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn make building a social network relatively easy.

Take the time to do this, so that you become known to people who offer the best Web writing jobs. Why work for five cents a word, when you can write for a dollar and two dollars a word?

3. Add Content to Your Web Site: Traffic Equals Dollars

If you’ve got a teeny tiny website of just three pages, it’s time to add more content. Every Webpage you write is a salesperson for you. As your pages get indexed by the search engines, you’ll get traffic, and that traffic equals dollars.


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