Voice activated television is the television that works on the voice recognition technology and is the latest version in the home automation technology. The technology has become so advanced that now you can manage audio, TV programs, movies, DVD’s and many other things.

This innovative technology is available for the people who are looking for the ultimate in the home automation device for their media center. With this technology we thop tv pro mod apk can save our time and can enjoy the media collection without even lifting a single finger.

Voice activated TV works with the Windows Vista/7 Home Media Center. This works in the certain distance so you have to be in the parameter so that it can work perfectly. This is a technology with wireless connection.

To make the Voice Activated TV work affectively, you have to follow certain things:

You have to place this in the center of the room so that there will be no obstacles for it to work. I know this is not possible to follow as we can’t adjust that in the center, still there are options that you can follow to make it working.

You can replace the antenna with a high- gain version. This will help in broadcasting signal in one direction only as the older version of antenna will waste the broadcasting strength by directing the signal into a solid brick wall.

There is a best solution however can be a costly one. You can use the repeater which will bounce the wireless signal even further. A repeater is a small piece of hardware that looks like standard router.

Purchase the router of the brand of the company, of which you are using the network adaptor in the media center. Sticking to the same company will help in showing the best performance.


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