The top-rated TV shows have been determined by their Nielsen ratings. Many Americans have turned on their televisions each night. They watch a variety of shows, such as news show, sports programs or entertainment like soap operas, science fiction, drama and others.

Nielsen ratings are the audience measurement systems that have developed in order to determine the size of the audience for all television programming in the United States. This system of television ratings began in the 1950s.

These ratings can change from week to week. You can visit their website for the most recent Nielsen ratings. However, many popular television shows and programming do have their own following and some can range in the millions of viewers.

If you were a television creator or director, you want to remain on the top portion of the list. The ratings system is what keeps shows on the television. homeland project free tv executives keep track of these ratings and other systems in determining what shows to cancel and what shows will get another season next year.

The television world is stressful business for those up-and-coming television show creators and directors. However, for the viewer, it is much easier to grab something to drink and eat and sit down on the sofa.

The most recent top-rated TV shows are Sunday Night Football, American Idol, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Friends and Survivors. Overall, American Idol actually holds the record for most consecutive seasons at the top spot with eight. All in the Family and The Cosby Show share the second spot with five each.

These days, more people are tuning into major sporting events, such as Super Bowl, Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football. Football has seemed to be on the rise. However, baseball’s World Series and college basketball’s National Championship has also got their fair share of viewers.

Reality shows, such as Survivor and American Idol have gained popularity since 2003. People just love to see what other people and celebrities are doing. Then, there is the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. People are being drawn to the world of CSI and forensic experts.

Other shows such as Friends, All in the Family and The Cosby Show, have remained on the top of the list of top-rated TV shows. Most television channels provide the re-runs of popular shows such as Law & Order, Friends, ER and many others. You can also watch many of the less popular shows on your computer at any time. People have different likes and dislikes in choosing what they watch.

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