As a business owner you are able to use Twitter to build your brand and advertise your services and products. If you want to grow your business’s reputation through Twitter it is essential to be a committed marketer. There are a number of excellent books to help you get the best results from Twitter Let us look at some of the most common tips to aid you.


You can gain new followers by subscribing their blogs. After they have subscribed to yours send them your own personal note. If you’re not yet adhering to your follower’s blog, then you can sign up to their blog to “thank you”. Don’t simply post your hyperlinks or information on this blog. Instead, make an effort to stay in touch and respond  ways to grow a brand to messages and comment on global news or personal happenings. Make sure you are honest and trustworthy to the readers. This will allow you increase the percentage of sales.


To get started with your twitter activities start, you must visit and click on the option “Get Started – Join!” Then, you will be required to fill out the form in a straightforward manner.


Full name: your surname and your name;


Username – your Twitter name; your blog will look like;


Password: must be at minimum six characters


Email – your e-mail.


You will then have to type in the initials of your picture (protection from auto-registration) then click “Create my account”. The next step will be to send invitations to your friends who are using other services. This step can be skipped by simply clicking at”Skip This Step” or “Skip this step” at the bottom of the page.


Congratulations! You are now licensed and are able to utilize this service. For the first step you are able to subscribe to the blog of someone else. To sign up, simply click “Follow” under their avatar. Twitter continues to grow that allows you to utilize Twitter to expand your business onlinequickly and effectively.


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