Shooting Sticks – Monopods, Bipods, and Tripods



  • Shooting monopods are fast, quiet, and steady.
  • Bipods are best for crouched or prone positions and bench shooting.
  • Shooting tripods offer the rock-solid stability.


For some hunters, shooting sticks are the key to a one-shot kill. They not only keep your shot steady, but they let you rest your gun while you wait. The three types of shooting sticks are monopods (with one leg), bipods (with two legs), and tripods (with three legs). Each type has its pros and cons. Which shooting sticks are best for you depends on your hunting style and personal preference.

Monopod Shooting Sticks



  • A monopod gives you the quickest way to get in place for the shot.
  • A monopod is the most compact shooting يلا شوت  rest option available. It fits well in tight quarters.
  • A monopod is the easiest shooting rest to use in unstable and uneven terrain. There’s no need to adjust multiple legs to make up for an uneven surface.
  • Since a monopod doubles as a hiking stick, it’s not just another piece of equipment to lug around!




  • Only one leg means that a monopod is not as stable as a bipod or tripod.


Bipod Shooting Sticks



  • A bipod is ideal for a crouched, prone, or  يلا شوت bench shooting position.
  • It adjusts to a shorter height than most monopods.
  • A bipod offers greater stability than a monopod.




  • You may need to adjust the legs for use on uneven ground, which takes precious time when you need to set up and shoot ASAP.


Tripod Shooting Sticks



  • A tripod offers the greatest stability of the three shooting rest models.
  • It offers the most support for your firearm.
  • Taller hunting tripods can be used in the field and shorter tripods for bench shooting.




  • A tripod requires adjustment for use on uneven ground.


Every hunter has his own preference. Try out several different types of shooting rests and see what you like!