With all of the things parents have to do already, isn’t writing one thing that could be skipped over to save some time and energy?

The answer is a resounding “NO! ” There are very good reasons why writing is included in the three R’s. It’s one of the core school subjects that allows students to continue isaimini with their education and learn what and when they want to. It’s also a vital skill in the workplace today. Don’t shortchange them! Your kids need as much practice and instruction about writing as they can get!

Here are ten good reasons:

People make judgments based on writing. Like it or not, many important first impressions are made based on writing skills. Perhaps the most important example is with job applications. A boss looking at a job application is quite likely to trash the entire submission if the writing is not acceptable. No one wants an uneducated person working for them, and poor writing makes people look uneducated.

Writing helps you organize your thoughts. Creating sound paragraphs and larger works forces people to organize their ideas so that they can express them clearly. Consider the difference between how you speak and how you write. When most people speak, they talk in circles, get sidetracked, and even contradict themselves. On the other hand, good writing avoids all of those pitfalls. Develop writing skills and you also develop organized thoughts.

Writing skills allow you to take good notes. The further students go with their education, the more likely they are to need note-taking skills. If they cannot write well, the note-taking process becomes so laborious that it is ineffective. Learning to write well, understanding the differences between main points and supporting details, creating clear sentences and outlining are just a few of the skills that translate into better note-taking skills.

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