Packaging is one of the most overlooked aspects in the marketing of any product. When consumers approach a product, its packaging plays a crucial role in influencing purchase decisions as there may be a myriad of reasons for consumers to consider not buying the product. Packaging considerations may range from specific designs to the use of colour themes for captivating the interest of buyers. There are countless aspects to a design that may be identified and almost all of them need to be aligned with the overall theme of the product and the brand. Since brand image plays a significant role in developing long term consumer relations, the packaging needs to be “perfect”, irrespective of whether it is packaging material suppliers for online retailers or for any physically distributed product.

Defining “Good Packaging”

Defining a good package can be difficult given the fact that there are multifaceted aspects of a package’s design and build. However, the key focus remains on one sole component – the protection of the contents in the desired form. A good example of this consideration would be the products in the food and beverages segment. Vending machines are widely available in developed countries and most developing regions.

Due to this, packages for beverages and some pre-packed food need to be compatible with the storage dimensions of vending units. They also need to conform to the standard guidelines for preservation of the contents up to the mentioned date. Packaging in this respect can also refer to the way a product is made available to the end users. Dominos and Pizza Hut have come up with proprietary pizza boxes which preserve heat for a longer duration and this helps to keep the contents warm if not hot. This is a good practical example of the importance of packaging in protecting the contents.

Create Visual Product Segmentation with Individualistic Package Design

Designs can be used creatively to aesthetically as well as functionally differentiate product segments. A good way to go about this is to incorporate the latest technical information about packaging material. Shopping outlets and retail facilities usually have lots of products on display and in order to visually make the product stand out, it is important to pack it in eye catching designs that give the customer an idea whether the product is a general offering or a premium product. Such packing styles also help to establish the brand image which consumers may relate to.

A good example for this would be rice. custom mods vape We usually get lose rise as per requirement or we can also buy pre-packed rice. When we buy rice that has been packed in specific quantities then the only way to differentiate premium ranges from regular ranges is to change their packing presentation. While regular rice may come in jute bags or cheap plastic bags, premium variants usually come in vacuum sealed pack with multiple layers of packaging materials being used to keep the contents safe from natural damage.

Let the Package Represent the Brand

This is by far the most important feature of packaging designs – they create value for the brand with which people tend to associate. Pepsi is a world renowned brand and its packaging may have changed over the years, but its theme has always been Blue. The particular combination of blue themed logos and relevant images have become rather iconic and every customer can easily recognize it even if the products are stashed up in a pile. This is the power of packaging – the one aspect that should never be overlooked if any business needs to target its consumer base more effectively.



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