Marloas is nineteen years old and she comes from Rotterdam in Holland. She is in gap year from school and has taken the time to travel in Asia. She has been on the road for four months and as the trip winds to a close she has come to the Health Oasis Resort in Koh Samui to learn Thai massage.

“This is one of the best things I did on my trip,’ she enthuses. “While I was traveling I had massages. It felt so nice that I decided I would like to learn how to do it!”

“It’s just for fun. I have learned it for myself and to help my friends and family.”

No, she does not want to become a massage therapist. Her goal is to train as a medical doctor, and this preparation in massage could well help her in her aspiration to study western medicine.

Her twenty-hour course stretched over a leisurely five and a half days. So she has plenty of time for rest and relaxation in the swimming pool and on the beach beside. She laughs when she says, “I enjoyed the rest!”

“I also really liked the Course with Thai instructor Nan.”

Nan, by the way started her studies at the prestigious Wat Pho in Bangkok 타이마사지 which serves as the premier massage teaching facility in Thailand.

“She really gets the students to practice a lot. She’s very kind and supportive, too and that helped a whole lot!” Says the young Dutch student.

“She taught me to apply my whole body in making the massage strokes.”

Marloas explains she was always afraid that her hands would become tired whilst massaging, but she was surprised to find that instead she felt energised.

“I now know the pressure points and understand how to make people relax.”

The course that Marloas attended is not designed to turn out professional therapists. It is certificated but is designed for self-development and general interest. For those eager to learn Thai massage for professional use, Health Oasis Resort offers a more intensive fifty hour period of instruction, and this too comes with a certificate.

Massage is one of several subjects that visitors can learn at the Bang Po beach side resort. Other topics include Thai Cookery, Reiki, Meditation and EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. The Thai cooking is interesting because it is geared very much to the visitor to the Kingdom. Many people have enjoyed eating Thai food in restaurants worldwide and on coming to Thailand have taken the experience to another dimension. What Health Oasis encourages is to teach visitors how to cook their favourite dishes. Naturally this requires a little notice because the instructors have to go to the market and buy the freshest ingredients possible so the ‘trainee chef’ can prepare that favourite meal. Once you have cooked it, all you then have is the pleasure of sitting down and eating your creation and hopefully you have invited some friends or loved ones to share this unique experience with you.

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