Do you think there is a leak in your plumbing services? There are some tell tale signs to look out for that indicate a leak, such as:


  • A particularly green patch in your lawn
  • A very wet patch in your lawn
  • You can see the water damage or water coming from within a wall
  • You can hear the water
  • Large increase in your water bill


If you suspect you have a leak in your plumbing service the easiest way to confirm whether you do or not is to locate your water metre, make sure that no taps or toilets are running and then go and look at your water metre to see if it is ticking over. In some instances the leak may be very slow. To check this the best thing to do is record your water metre reading before going to bed, then check it again first thing in the morning before anyone uses any taps, toilets etc.

When there is a leaking pipe often it can be fixed by simply replacing that Sammamish plumbing section of pipe in your plumbing service. In other situations when there is evidence of a leak but identifying the actual section of leaking pipe is difficult, specialised testing and locating equipment is used to pinpoint the leak in your plumbing services. This equipment and expertise can find leaks anywhere from within internal walls of your house, in or under concrete slabs or driveways and even those buried somewhere within your property.

If you are not sure. Its always best to leave it to the expert, call an experience plumber.


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