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LRS Unplugged | WinterWonderLand In Switzerland ⛰❄

Have you now gotten enough snow this year? Then this video is for you! Join our trip into WinterWonderLand Switzerland ⛰❄ Enjoy the beauty! With much Love, Bas and Priska

The fear of „TooMuchNess“

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably heard more than once a sentence like: „You are just so dramatic!“ „Why do you always have to be so loud?“ „It’s not your fault, but you are just too intense for me!“ „Why can’t you be happy with what everybody else has?“...

The Pros and Cons of Having a Guarded Heart

I always was a guy that guarded his heart by putting thorn bushes around it, even better with some mythical Cerberean dogs patrolling. Needless to say that it was a way to protect my self from more inner hurt than I already had had to digest during my bumpy life. From...

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! ** Sacred Sexuality

Sex. Porn. LoveMaking. Hieros Gamos. Connection. OneNess. Lust. Love. Sacredness. Creation. Sexuality can be so much and all together. A topic that is so often discussed. In today's video, we're sharing our view on Sacred Sexuality. We both have been attracted by it....

I Am Disappointed In You!

This is the most vulnerable video we ever did - directly after a cry-fest and meltdown. We're talking about the clarity you get when talking openly with each other and what gems can lay behind the deepest pain. Don't run...

Happy Holidays to our LoveTribe

We wish you all from the bottom of our hearts, a happy holiday and just the oh so very best for the next year. Thank you for being part of our tribe.