Many people have seen tornadoes only in movies and think that they will never face a situation like that. But now nobody can deny that the climate is changing and tornadoes are starting to appear in areas that have never seen one. If you want to feel safer or if you live in an area prone to tornadoes you should know some things.

First of all you should know what to do and what not to do. If you think that you have a fast car and can outrun the tornado, stop and think again. If it decides to go your way you can not outrun the twister. Also, if the winds are strong enough they can easily lift you car or van off the road and you can find your self in a lot of trouble. Forget about your car.

Instead, if you see a tornado coming your way don’t panic, gather your kids and head towards the basement. if you don’t have a basement or some kind of cellar with concrete walls try to position yourself in a place furthest from the windows like some hallway in the middle of the house. Toilet without windows is a good choice too. Even a closet if it is away from the windows can be a good place. If you have enough time take the mattresses from the beds and use them as shields. Biggest danger in a tornado situation is not the twister itself or even the strong winds. It is the flying debris. Small pieces of wood, glass and metal can swirl around and can cause serious injuries. Also bigger pieces can fly around with speeds surpassing 200 miles an hour. These cause serious danger and you should be aware of that. In bigger tornadoes even cars and small vans can hit your house, so you should take good precautions..

However, you should not find yourself in the basement without having some useful necessities and survival items. You should consider that when a tornado hits, power will be out and it can be very dark. So, it is best if you have prepared an emergency storage in the basement up front. Having a light source and a portable radio will be very useful. Also some stored prepper food  will help you greatly if you are trapped under debris.

The final tip is: stay inside. Do not run out right after the tornado has passed. There is big chance that another tornado might appear suddenly and you can be in serious danger. So, use the portable radio and wait for the official announcement that the danger is over. So, good luck.

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