Recently I had a woman brand new to building an Internet marketing business ask me how to know which of the bright shiny objects to chase, which training to invest in and when to quit spending money on things that might help her home based business. This made me think back to a year or so ago, when I was still in that same predicament.

You see, I had been trying to build an online business since 2006 and really didn’t make much progress working from home until the end of 2009. I had opened an eBay store, but did none of the right kind of marketing I now know is necessary to have a successful Internet marketing business. When that failed I moved on to a primitive craft shop online. Again, with no marketing going on, it was doomed. It seemed I was becoming an expert at what doesn’t work, it was time to put my nose to the grindstone and figure out what does.

When I started my journey online, I counted on my 25+ years experience in sales, marketing and management to insure a quick start. My business experience has been invaluable, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the difference between online vs. the “real” world how internet changed education marketing and business building. I thought with my experience that I knew what I needed to know, when in fact, Internet marketing is completely different than anything I had ever done.

Are you just starting out and find yourself dazed and confused with all of this? Don’t worry, you are in good company. It’s the way we all start out. I’m here to tell you that with the right mentors and training you will find your way and success as well.

How do you pick good teachers and courses? Yes, I said courses. You have to continually educate yourself and learn from those who have gone before you. I recommend that you listen to a few free teleseminars, sign up for a few free reports and ecourses before you spend money. First find someone you resonate with and makes you feel comfortable. Get their free information and if the content is good and you learned from their freebies, it’s likely there’s a whole lot more good stuff in the paid programs. Second, I recommend you start with one of their inexpensive programs or courses. Get a feel for them that way before you spend a bunch of money. Educating yourself about Internet marketing is an ongoing thing. It never stops because the Internet changes continually. What works today will not work in the exact same way a few years down the road.

One last thought, after you see which teachers and coaches you resonate with, unsubscribe to the rest. Those emails and offers from the ones that you do not resonate with will pull you in too many different directions, keep you off track and overwhelmed. Too many “shiny objects” equals little productivity.


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