If you want to start an information product business, or you are looking for new avenues where you can sell products to make a bunch of money, then this is the article for you. Most people think that they need to set aside brainstorming time to invent new products. Here is a great secret that you can use, where you won’t even have to try to discover new ideas. Read on to find out more.

There are way too many internet entrepreneurs out there that are trying too hard at product development. They may spend years trying to develop the perfect product, setting aside time every day for development and brainstorming. This is how some of the gurus teach it, so why shouldn’t they? Unfortunately, these poor entrepreneurs have been stuck in what is called “the thinking hole. How to start an invention idea?” The thinking hole is kind of like the black hole of thought. Only a few ideas are allowed in, and nothing new comes out.

The reason you can’t think of anything new when you have deliberately sat down to brainstorm, is that you are using your conscious mind. You conscious only allows a certain train of ideas inside at a time, putting up walls, rules, and boundaries. These can be boundaries that you have developed yourself, not allowing your mind to process ideas from other sources in order to create new ideas. How to start an invention idea?  

The big secret is that you have to let go. You need to actually stop thinking about your product solution and go do something completely different, something relaxing. This is a time for your subconscious mind to go to work. This is a time for your “other brain” to do the heavy lifting. Your subconscious can come up with crazy ideas that your conscious mind cannot. You can develop new information product solutions from seemingly random ideas in nature and put them together with a single “aha” moment.

The critical step with coming up with all of these new information product ideas is that you have something to write them down on. Carry a notebook with you at all times, no matter where you are. Your mind will hand you the clues, but you have to act on them. You may only get the message once, so you have to make sure you record it. When ideas come from your subconscious, it is very easy for you to forget them. Get those brilliant product ideas down on paper and start creating.



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