“Everywhere All at Once”- all explained

Initially: Everything

Chinese-American Evelyn Wang (Yeoh) and her husband Waymond manage a struggling laundromat (Quan). Rising tensions on the eve of the Chinese New Year are a result of the IRS auditing the company. In addition, Gong Gong (Hong), her father, has recently moved in and is living with them. She does not notice Waymond’s attempts to serve her divorce papers as she organises the receipts on the dining room table prior to their IRS visit. Joy (Hsu), who is supposed to help bridge any language barriers at the IRS conference, and Becky (Medel), her lover, arrive. Evelyn is hesitant to introduce Becky to Gong Gong since she is still having trouble accepting her daughter’s lesbianism. Evelyn identifies Becky as Joy’s “excellent friend” as he enters the laundry while she is assisting a customer, forcing them to storm out. Everything everywhere all at once full movie watch online freeOn 4khot video you can also watch movies online free sites

Waymond’s personality shifts after a “Alpha Universe” version of himself briefly takes control of him in the elevator of the IRS building. Evelyn experiences a timeline of significant events in her life after connecting to a headset: her father’s dismay at having a daughter, meeting Waymond, her family rejecting her for marrying him, purchasing the laundromat, and having Joy. Alpha Waymond offers her a list of instructions written on the back of the divorce papers after explaining that every choice generates a new parallel world and that they might be in danger. Deirdre Beaubeirdra (Curtis), an IRS inspector, reprimands the Wangs for their mountain of receipts and tax-deductible purchases as they sit down with her. Evelyn switches her shoes to the other feet as directed by Alpha Waymond, visualises herself in the janitor closet, and presses the green button on her earpiece. She is dragged backwards into the closet, where Alpha Waymond is waiting to further explain how she is a significant figure in his realm and how she made the “verse-jumping” discovery. But before he can continue, Evil Deidre grabs him and drags him through the door, breaking his neck. In the real world, Deirdre consents to give them another chance to turn in their receipts by 6 o’clock, but Evelyn punches her in the face out of concern for a possible attack. She also discovers that Waymond had already completed the divorce papers’ back, where she had written her instructions. The security guards are fought off and taken to the break room by Alpha Waymond when he returns. He says that JobuTupaki, a woman whose mind was overloaded and fractured after being pushed too far by Alpha Evelyn, is the one pursuing them. She is now capable of verse-jumping and controlling matter at will, but she has evolved into a malevolent and chaotic being.

According to Alpha Waymond, verse-jumpers can access the abilities, memories, and physical forms of their parallel universe counterparts by carrying out a statistically unlikely action that slingshots them in that direction. Evelyn is able to access a reality in which she never met Waymond and instead became a kung fu master and movie star after being attacked in the stairway by Evil Deirdre. Alpha Waymond is knocked out as JobuTupaki approaches after she successfully repels Evil Deirdre. When it is discovered that Jobu is really Alpha Joy, she kills all of the security personnel assigned to take Evelyn into custody. Jobu demonstrates to Evelyn the “everything bagel” black hole she developed and could use to end the multiverse. Before Evelyn gets swept into the black hole, Alpha Gong Gong arrives, but he wants to kill