Always play on a European roulette wheel if you have the choice, if you’re playing online you’ll usually find most casinos have European wheels. In America at real Casinos it’s often not quite as straight forward often they are limited to the higher stakes tables and the Casinos are less keen on them. This is hardly surprising because the odds against you are doubled when you buy brics reserve play on an American Roulette wheel.

So what is the difference?

Well there’s a difference in the distribution of the numbers across both wheel but nothing that will affect the odds of the game. These distributions are carefully worked out to make sure that there is no potential bias in odd, evens, reds or blacks etc across the wheel. Obviously if groups of these existed on a roulette wheel it would be more likely to show a bias from spins or even a dealer pitching for a certain area of the roulette wheel.

The only difference in the roulette wheels that you should be concerned about is the fact that the American Wheel has an extra ‘0’ slot which effectively doubles the house edge. The extra zero on the American Roulette wheel means that you should expect to lose 5.26% of your total stake money (which is the house edge) and on a standard European wheel the odds are 2.7% and with various other standard rules like La Partage then this can fall down to 1.35% which is a huge statistical difference.

Basically if you are playing on an American Wheel you are at least twice as likely to lose as at an European or French roulette wheel. So I hope that’s clear if you find yourself playing roulette either online or in a casino and you notice two zeros on the wheel, you should cash up immediately. It is amazing that these American wheels are still in existence as they are so biased in favour of the house but it just goes to show how much thought roulette players put into their bets.

I have had years of fun playing roulette all over the world (of course only on European Roulette wheels !) and in many excellent online casinos. However if you ever get bored of playing online roulette against computer algorithms and computer generated roulette wheels then I urge you to read my brief review below.

It’s an online casino but it’s a real time game set in a casino in Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin. You play a real game in a real casino alongside all the other punters. Even the free game is wonderful fun as you can see all the other players and their bets – to try it click here –

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