You have a bright shiny new website and you are very excited. You go to your favorite search engine and type in the name of your business and your site is not listed. Is it possible it simply isn’t there?

There is an easy way to check to see if you are listed somewhere on the wide world web. In the search box of your favorite site (for example Google or Yahoo) type in Place your website name, which is usually but could be another extension such, where I have The search engine will return the number of listings it has found.

What if you are not listed?

The most probable cause of not being found is the search engines simply have not found you yet. Over time this problem will be resolved. What can you do to speed up the process? Simply go to and you can submit your site to 20 different search engines. The procedure will be slightly different for each site but is a straight forward process. SEO Agency in Doncaster 

Another reason for not showing up on the index is the search engines do not see your website. Some of the reasons for this are:

Your site has a navigation system that the search the search engines cannot read. Many times they can read the home page, however, other pages are invisible to the search spiders. You can check for your subpages the same way you looked for the main site: The primary reason behind subpages being hidden is that your site was created in a language called Javascript which was a popular programming language for websites in the past. Discuss this with your webmaster and ask them to update the site. This can be done without reprogramming your site by adding links and html code to your site.
Another reason all of the pages on your site may not be indexed is they are dynamic pages. This means the page was created on the fly by the underlying code when a request is made to view the page. Often the page is created from data stored in a database. This makes it easy to keep the information on the page fresh, however, it can cause problems with your indexing. Look at the url of the page when it is displayed to determine if it is a dynamic page. After the domain name you may see a question mark (? ) and then a string of code called parameters.


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