DJ Drama Mixtapes

Known around the world as DJ Drama, Dramacool  Tyree Cinque Simmons has worked his way up the hip hop ladder to become the “King of mixtapes”. Born in Philadelphia the father and businessman came into the music industry a hustler. Promoting the widely practiced method of copying music in chosen orders, DJ drama created mixtapes of his favorite songs. His unique choices of songs brought his mixtapes to the attention of local club patrons which led to requests for personal mixtapes. By catering to specific audiences he has boosted the careers of many of today’s new artists. Many artists realize that adding their songs to DJ Drama mixtapes they will get heard and their popularity among the fans will increase.

As a promoter he has worked for Puff Daddy, Allen Iverson and Jermaine Dupree. He was on the Jay Z and friends tour as well as the Nelly sweat/ suit tour. Nominated for several awards he has been working hard in the music business for two decades. He has also made appearances in the movie ATL and rapper T- Pain’s musical Freaknik. Chosen by Vibe magazine as the mixtape series of the year for 2005 with trap or die and automatic relaxation, DJ Drama is currently active in thirty one markets.

As his newest mixtapes are gaining in popularity among younger crowds so are the artists choosing to make them a part of their overall record sales. After being dropped by Arista records rapper TI formed Grand Hustle Entertainment and made DJ Drama the lead disc jockey for the entire company. Using his creativity in promotion he helped TI to continue his music career when others would have forced him out of the music business altogether. Several other joint ventures, such as co- founding Aphilliates music group with Don Common and Dj Sense has led to Drama to be one of the most hard working promoters in show business today.