If you own a cat or any pet for that matter, you will already maine coon kittens for sale near me be on the receiving end of lots of love and affection. So why not nourish them with the best available cat treats food and toys. In fact, this should be one of your top-most priorities to provide your cat with the highest quality cat treats so that she can grow up in the healthiest way possible. It’s a fact that cats are quite sensitive and emotional creatures that require the utmost care and proper nurturing.

Though many cat owners spend a fortune on grooming needs for their cats, when it comes to cat treats and supplies, they often forget to include these things in their cat’s daily routine. They should remember that the internal health of their cats is just as important if they want their cats to remain playful, active and behave well. Let’s have a look at some of the best cat treats and supplies that you can use to treat your cat.

Kitty treats: Outside of giving your cat the best food possible, it’s OK to provide her with healthy and delicious kitty treats. However, just as we as humans have to watch our food intake, so we must do the same for our pets. Obesity in animals is a big problem with owners over doing it and spoiling their pets. Just use a bit of common sense. You can buy love – without nasty derivatives, chemicals and other mystery ingredients.

It is very easy to get that come in a variety of flavours and are enriched with a range of enzymes, which can effectively prevent any plaque formation. These healthier treats can be found in flavours such as poultry or fish so that your feline friend surely loves her treat.

Scratching post: When you keep your cat in your homely atmosphere, there are certain things that cats usually miss, but which are extremely essential for their natural grooming and growth. Scratching is second nature to cats and normally, in the outside environment, cats use some sort of scratching surface to sharpen their claws and remove dead cells. This then exposes their new claws. Don’t tell them off, get them the best scratching post you can afford and encourage them to use and play on and around their post with soft cat toys. Let them know this is their stand and a place where they can scratch away to their hearts content!

Cat drinking fountain: Like us all, cats need water throughout the day so that all their bodily functions work perfectly and good health is maintained. Cats who are on dry food don’t get as much water from their food as those who eat tinned food, and should always have easy access to clean, drinking water to supplement their intake. Rather than just a normal drinking bowl which can get stale and become low in volume, why not get a drinking fountain in your home. This ensures that your pet can freely access water any time she wants.

Litter box: Being smart creatures, cats usually don’t need much litter box training, just a little encouragement to begin with. To train your cat, start with a small, uncovered box in a quiet place near to where his bed is. I prefer to use the unscented kind of litter, but I’m sure in the end it will be more of your cat’s choice than yours.

Cat litter works by absorbing cat’s urine and covering faeces to reduce the growth of odour-causing bacteria. The litter layer should be at least two inches deep in the box. This makes it easier to clean up and gives the cat enough litter to scratch in and bury waste. Plastic litter box liners make the removal easier as well, and can be used with any type of litter. When your cat sniffs at the box, pick him up and put him inside, praising and petting him. When he uses the box, give him a small treat. Keep the box clean and avoid any negative associations with it. For example, don’t give kitty medicine or scold him when he’s near the box.

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